The Tournée des cantons de Rawdon (TDCR) is a non-profit organization (NPO) that manages a network of eco-friendly trails reserved exclusively for non-motorized sports, among them traditional and Nordic cross-country skiing, mountain biking, fatbike riding, snowshoeing and hiking. There is no cost to make use of the trails, which can be accessed from various entry points in and near Rawdon, located at the heart of Lanaudière.

The TDCR is governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers. A large network of volunteers sit on various committees and take on the activities necessary to create and maintain the trails, set out signs and develop maps, organize events and work groups to carry out various tasks, manage the organization’s finances, post content to the TDCR Web site, Facebook page and Instagram feed, and nurture relationships with landowners.

The TDCR wishes to thank the Municipality of Rawdon for its unflagging support, as well as the countless landowners who graciously agree, year after year, to grant us a right of passage on their lands so that users may access and enjoy the TDCR trail network.

Code of Ethics

for TDCR members and users

This code of ethics applies to the wide variety of persons considered as “users”, among them cross-country skiers, snowshoers, cyclists and hikers of all sorts. Compliance with this code of ethics is critical, as it ensures that users practice self-respect while also showing respect for others and for the environment.

Users should practice self-respect by:
  • Focusing on safety and independence;
  • Planning activities ahead of time (including length and difficulty level), based on their physical abilities and endurance;
  • Obtaining information on weather conditions, potential hazards (hunting, wildlife) and rules or limitations specific to the area;
  • Making sure to bring along a first aid kit, a map of the trail network, as well as foodstuffs/supplies (water and snacks) and any necessary equipment or items (change of clothing, cellular phone);
  • Notifying loved ones or family members of their itinerary and approximate return time (or planned duration of the activity).
Users should show respect for others by:
  • Focusing on consideration, sharing and help and support;
  • Giving due consideration to other people’s and to the local wildlife’s right to peace and privacy;
  • Helping those who may find it difficult to cross obstacles or make their way through more challenging sections of the trail network;
  • Never leaving someone who is alone behind;
  • Helping the wounded and ensuring they are cared for, even if it means making a change to your planned itinerary;
  • Sharing water, food or other important items (such as wax, for skiers) with others who have no more supplies.
Users can show respect for the environment by:
  • Focusing on three key elements, namely protection, responsibility and sustainability;
  • Acknowledging that they are making use of private land and agreeing to respect the privacy of the landowners and sanctity of the site;
  • Staying on the marked trails, for safety and protection, but also to abide by the agreement between TDCR and landowners;
  • Abstaining from feeding animals they encounter (rodents, birds, etc.);
  • Picking up all of their trash;
  • Reporting any problems or damage to the trail network to the persons in charge (e.g., fallen trees, broken or dangerous bridge, lack of or erroneous signalization, etc.).

Board of Directors

Comprised of seven volunteer members, the TDCR Board of Directors oversees the NPO’s operations and ensures the safety and quality of the services offered members and trail users.

Lise Lacouture
Amélie Therrien
Stéphanie Leblanc
Richard Grant
Director representing landowners
Josée Rivest
Director responsible for the trail maintenance teams


Directors: Lise Lacouture et Stéphanie Leblanc
Accounting: Guillaume Hénault
Budget and liquid asset monitoring: Isabelle Téssier
Director: Amélie Therrien
Committee leader: Martin LaSalle
Members: Élyse Desrosiers, Marilyn Desrosiers, Marie-Claude Gaudet, Pascale Gervais, Sophie L. Leblanc
Directors: Richard Grant, Stéphanie Gervais
Committee leader: Élyse Desrosiers
Directors: Amélie Therrien, Marie Pierre Giroux et Lise Lacouture
Members: Julie Aubin, Gilles Beauchamp, Guylaine Breault, Patricia Breault, Jennifer Brownrigg, Élyse Desrosiers, Marie-Ève Gauthier, Edith Monette, Josée Rivest
Director: Josée Rivest
Members: Alice-Lane Lépine, Stéphane LeBeau, Pierre-Luc Picard, Daniel Rémy

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